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Headlights vs Fog Lights

When driving under certain heavy rain conditions your headlights alone will not be enough for other drivers to see you coming up front.
Using your high beams is not recommended during fog or heavy rain since this may only cause for the light to aim far away from the road lines and not allow you to see the correct path on the floor.
That's where your fog lights come in. During heavy rain or foggy weather conditions, your fog lights allow you to see the road lines clearer and also allow other drivers to see you upfront without blinding them.

Headlights are an essential part of a vehicle; they illuminate the road and surrounding area when it is dark or when conditions require extra light. Fog lights are very similar and can provide additional light when needed. When is it essential to use headlights, and when would fog lights become beneficial?

The fog light is pretty different than a headlight. As you can tell from the name, it’s actually meant for use when there’s too much fog ahead of you. Usual headlights struggle to pierce through dense fog, especially during winter.

Fog lights can produce a wide beam of sharp light that can cut through the density of fog pretty smoothly.

Fog lights are usually placed right below the headlights and are not used unless quite necessary. It's ideal to use fog light only if there’s dense fog around you and you need it to make sure you don’t get into any trouble getting blinded by it.

If your fog lights are out, it is highly recommended that you replace them so that you can drive safely during these conditions.
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