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What makes ATALED different from other LED bulbs providers?

The answer is very simple. Many LED light suppliers take advantage of their buyers' lack of knowledge to sell low quality Headlights by marketing them as generating 30,000,50,000 or even 100,000 Lúmens knowing that their buyers do not have the tools to measure the number of Lumens their LED bulbs generate.

Normally a well designed LED bulb will generate approximately 10,000 - 13,000 Lumens per bulb which is enough to provide very good lighting for your vehicle even in projector headlights.

Even LED bulbs with well-known chips will only suffice with 18,000 Lumens per bulb to have a very good night projection.

If they offer you more than 100,000 Lumens per bulb, it is very likely that it is a simple scam to catch you and take your money.

We know the struggle of driving at night with your halogen bulbs and not being able to see your path ahead. Not only is it frustrating, but it could be dangerous as well.

Driving with low visibility could cause heavy driving accidents at night including hitting pedestrians or other vehicles at night. Our LED Bulbs are designed to be better and far brighter than halogen bulbs aking sure that you have a full clear path at night.

It should be noted that Lumens are not everything in an LED bulb to determine if it's a good bulb.

Some sellers may provide you with LED bulbs that are very bright at night, however in about six months or so you will see it fading out or even get completely burned out without any warranty to back it up.

Our FLIPLED chip is a much smaller LED chip, designed to be the same size as a Halogen Factory bulb, which is very important for the bulb to illuminate correctly, without creating loss of focus and lighting in your vehicle or affecting other drivers blinding them at night, in addition to that being a more concentrated chip, it reduces the energy comsuption to about 45% making the LED bulb last longer.

We also include an integrated heatsink and cooling fan wich allows the dispation of heat that may acumulate on the LED bulb. We back all of this information with our 2 year replacement warranty for our 26,000 Lúmens LED and 1 Year Warranty for our 18,000 Lúmens LED Headlight bulbs.

Have any other questions or concerns? Contact us via email at we will gladly answer all your questions.

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