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How to Install

How to Install:

  1. Turn off your vehicle
  2. Lift or open the hood of your car
  3. Identify and unplug your Vehicle's current bulbs behind the headlights
  4. The bulbs will come out either by removing a pin that holds them or by turning them clockwise or counterclockwise.
  5. Remove the current bulbs from the vehicle and secure them.
  6. Insert the new LED bulbs from the same position as the previous lights.
  7. Use the same pin or socket that the bulb had to hold the previous bulbs.
  8. Connect the LED connector of the new bulbs to the cars OEM plug.
  9. Test that your bulbs light up properly. If the lights do not turn on, disconnect the plug, rotate the connector 180 degrees, and reconnect. The bulbs have + (positive) and - (negative) polarity, so they must be connected correctly for them to light up.
  10. Close the car's hood and you're done.

For a complete installation guide click here.

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