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LED Installation

Installation Guide

All of our lights are Plug and Play: Just like installing a Factory light bulb, your car will not require any modification. Simply remove the old bulbs and plug in the New LED bulbs.

1. First Step: Identify the numbering of the current bulbs in your vehicle. Each bulb has a specific number for its low beams, High Beam, Foglights, etc. (e.g. H7, H11, H4, etc). The watts and voltage of your current bulb do not matter in determining which bulb to purchase.

You can identify which number your vehicle uses for its bulbs in the following ways:

  • Using our year, make and model search guide.
  • Extracting the current bulbs from your car. The numbering will be written on the back of your car's current bulb.
  • Checking in your vehicle manual or contacting your local mechanic.
  • By writing to our online messenger. We will be happy to help you.

2. Step Two: With your vehicle off, open your car's hood, unplug and remove the current bulbs from your vehicle's headlights. The difficulty of this process can vary from car to car. In some vehicles you will simply need remove the cover from the back of the bulb to access the current bulbs and easily remove them. 

How To Open A Stuck Car Hood - MyMoto AmeriLite for 2001-2005 Lexus IS300 Projector Black OE Type  Replacement Headlights Assembly Set - Passenger and Driver Side : Automotive

In some cases it may be required to remove the bumper of the car in order to have access to the current bulbs. If the process is too complicated for you or you do not have the appropriate tools, we recommend you contact your local mechanic. They can usually be installed for a small fee.

3. Third Step: Plug the new bulbs into your vehicle's factory plug. Simply plug the bulbs into your vehicle's current connector and test that the bulbs light properly. IMPORTANT: If your bulbs do not light up, check that they are connected correctly. The bulbs have + and - polarity, so if they don't light up just disconnect them, rotate the connector 180 degrees and reconnect. They should turn on immediately.

4. Step Four: Insert the new bulbs into the headlight socket. On some cars it will be easier to separate the ring from the bulb and insert that ring first. Once inserted into the ring and properly fitted inside the bulb, you can then insert the bulb into the ring and then into the bulb.

5. Last step: Make sure everything is organized and well connected. Close the hood of your vehicle and voila! You can now enjoy a better quality of night vision at night.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. My bulb had a protective cover for the factory lights, should I leave that cover on?

    - No, it is not necessary, the cover serves only to protect the bulb, not to prevent moisture from entering the headlight. No type of moisture will enter your light source by leaving the lid uncovered. Our high quality LEDs are IP68 dirt and moisture proof so they will not receive any damage even with the cover removed. It is important that the fan of the bulb has an exhaust to extract the heat, so if you decide to leave the cover on, we recommend that you poke some holes in the cover to prevent it from accumulating too much heat inside the bulb.

    2. Do I need to modify something in my car or in my vehicle to install the LEDs?

    - No, in the vast majority of cars it is not necessary to make any type of modification. But if it should be noted that commonly in H1 or H7 bulbs, somevehicles will require an adapter to hold the bulb in position. If you need any adapater, contact us. We will gladly provide you with the corresponding one for your car.

    3. My LEDs are blinking or "flashing" after installing them. What should I do?

    - This commonly occurs in JEEP or Dodge vehicles, which have a canbus or computerized system to detect the current bulb voltage of the vehicle. As our LEDs consume less voltage, the computer can interpret that there is a defective bulb and therefore cuts the voltage to avoid any short circuit. By not detecting any cut, the bulbs turn on again and the process is repeated, creating that effect of ON and OFF. Normally this is corrected by installing additional resistors which we also provide on our website for purchase and are plug and play. Once the resistors are installed, you must run your car for at least a few hours for the car to recognize the canbus upgrade.

    In some vehicles, even with resistors, the problem may persist. So if even with the resistors the problem is not corrected, we recommend you contact your local electromechanic to evaluate your car.

    4. I have another question or concern

    -Write us on our facebook messenger, our online chat, or our email You can also call us at 787-238-3370. We will gladly clarify any other questions you may have!



    • Be very vigilant during the installation process to minimize all chances of accidents.
    • Never touch the bulb with your fingers as it may stain it. Wearing gloves is ideal when it comes to the light bulb.
    • If you ever come in contact with any contaminants, simply wipe the bulb with rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth.
    • Always perform the above operation when the vehicle is off, not running. Do not touch the bulb when turning on and off.
    • Never look directly at the LED bulb because the emitted light can be very bright and damage your eyes.
    • If an accident occurs, be sure to turn off the power supply.
    • We do not take any responsibility if a customer tries to assemble or disassemble broken parts.
    • If you ever need professional help making repairs or a replacement, be sure to visit your local workshop.
    • Our products should be kept away from any type of flammable content, such as thinners, spray paint, paper, oil, etc.
    • Never adjust the LED lights to point upwards as it could reduce the visibility of other drivers on the road.
    • To avoid shorting your LED bulb, be sure to only turn them on after the vehicle has been started.

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