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Error Corrector (Check Engine/Hyper Flash) - ATALED Resistors x2 (Canbus)

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LED Canbus - Resistor Kit - Universal

It is used to eliminate error codes or "check engine light" that occur in most modern vehicles when installing LED lights.

  •  Corrects unexpected "flickering" or turning on and off of LED lights that occurs on some vehicles.
  • Corrects "hyper flicker" or light flicker problems that occur when installing LEDs for signal lights.
  • Package includes: 2x resistors.
  • Easy to install.

    How to Install Poison Spyder LED Resistor Kit for LED Tail Lights on your  Wrangler | ExtremeTerrain

    Why do errors happen in some vehicles?

    In some more modern vehicles, the CANbus computerized system is designed to detect errors or voltage problems in the lights of your vehicle, in order to let the driver know that you have a defective bulb.

    LED lights consume much less voltage than a regular halogen bulb, so when installing LED lights in your vehicle, the computer understands that there is possibly a defect in the bulb, but since there really is no error it keeps trying to turn off and turn on constantly.

    By installing the LED resistor, the LED computer no longer sees the voltage irregularity in your car so the problem is corrected immediately.

    It is important to understand that in some vehicles, the error will not be corrected even after installing Canbus correctors. In those cases, consulting an electromechanical proffesional will be the best option.


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