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H11/H8/H9 LED - A5 - 6000k White High Intensity (1 Set) 2 x ATALED Headlight bulbs

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H11/H8/H9 - ATA LED A5 - 6000k(Pure White) - 10,000 Lúmens

ATALED A5 LED lights are designed with small casing and low power consumption for long life and extreme durability. The small FLIPLED chip provides a full focused beam pattern that allows strong visibility in very dark roads. They provide real 10,000 Lúmens which is over 8,000 extra Lúmens than your OEM halogen bulbs.

By creating the perfect focused beam design we are able to aim the headlight beam below the 90° mark to prevent blinding or affecting upcoming drivers visibility on all of our LED headlight bulb models.

Product Specifications:

Intensity/Brightness: 10,000 Lúmens and 90W x Set

  • Full Brightness more powerfull than halogen will less power cosumption, will bright your road up ahead with standard regulations and intensity.
  • Brightness Color:  6000k (Pure White)
  • 200% Brighter than Halogen and HID Bulbs
  • Up to 100M more brightness distance than Halogen and HID

Package Includes: 1 Set (2 Headlight Bulbs)

  • By ordering 1 set your package will include 2 headlight bulbs, one for each headlight.

    Easy Plug and Play Installation:

    • Simply remove your old halogen bulbs from your headlight and install the new LED bulbs.
    • Will fit any car that uses H11, H9  or H8 Halogen bulbs

    • The plug connector is exactly the same as the original bulb in your car
    • No wiring, cutting or modifications are required.

    • No special programming or configuration is required.

    Anti Glare Technology

    • Your LED bulbs will work exactly the same as your old halogen bulbs with both High and low beam functions
    • Our bulbs will not blind other drivers at night

      Durable and Stable

      • Includes Resistance capacitor
      • Up to 190,000 hours of use
      • IP68 100% Water and Dust proof
      • Includes Heatsink and 300,00RPM Fan Heat Displacer

        ATALED© Brand Benefits:

         - 1 - year replacement warranty with original packaging and packing slip sent inside the packaging.

        • 24/7 Online Chat Support: Chat with an expert online. También hablamos Español.
        • Need to talk to someone?: Call us at 787-238-3370
        • Local shipping from Puerto Rico for faster delivery
        • Email:
        • 12 Month Replacement Warranty: LED bulb won't light up within the established warranty period? Send it back for a free replacement.
        • 30 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee: Not Satisfied with the light output? Send it back for a full refund.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Will they fit on projector Headlights?
        -Yes our LED bulbs are specifically designed for projector Headlights. They are also 100% fully compatible with reflector headlights.
        Will High intensity LEDs melt my headlights?
        -No❌. The LED's heat will always be removed by the heat displacer and the fan will always push the extra heat out, the LED chip inside the headlight is incapable of melting the headlights.✅

        Will LED's damage my vehicle's computer or wiring?
        -No❌. LED's will not damage the vehicles computer and wiring in any way and the process is completely reversible. You can always switch back to your halogen bulbs whenever you like.✅

        Do I need to modify me vehicle's  Headlights or wires to install LED's?
        -No❌. The process is a direct plug and play replacement, the same process as if you were installing regular halogen bulbs. ✅

        How to Install (10 Minute Installation)

        1. Turn off your vehicle
        2. Lift or open the hood of your car
        3. Identify and unplug your Vehicle's current bulbs behind the headlights
        4. The bulbs will come out either by removing a pin that holds them or by turning them clockwise or counterclockwise.
        5. Remove the current bulbs from the vehicle and secure them.
        6. Insert the new LED bulbs from the same position as the previous lights.
        7. Use the same pin or socket that the bulb had to hold the previous bulbs.
        8. Connect the LED connector of the new bulbs to the cars OEM plug.
        9. Test that your bulbs light up properly. If the lights do not turn on, disconnect the plug, rotate the connector 180 degrees, and reconnect. The bulbs have + (positive) and - (negative) polarity, so they must be connected correctly for them to light up.
        10. Close the car's hood and you're done.

        Shipping Time (Same Day Shipping)

        USPS Logo, PNG, Symbol, History, Meaning Free shipping PNGTracking Number | Telescope Website

        Dispatches come from our inventory in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico. If you buy within the Island, your package is dispatched the same day before 6pm via USPS, so you should receive your package within 1-3 business days. Your package will include a tracking number , which you can use to claim any lost packages. If you buy from abroad (e.g. USA) the estimated delivery times are those established by the USPS.

        For buyers abroad and / or within the island we offer the following shipping methods:

        USPS Puerto Rico Free Shipping 7-14 Business Days
        USPS PR First Class 3-5 Business Days
        USPS PR Priority Shipping 1-3 Business Days.

        Payment Methods:

        As Payment methods we accept  and or credit cards VISA,MC,AMEX.

        We have a strict policy against attempted fraud purchases. If our system detects that your purchase has been made with a false account or copied credit card, we will immediately cancel the order and take the appropriate legal actions.

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        No nos hacemos responsables si envía el total a una entidad incorrecta. Asegúrese siempre de escribir el número y el total correcto antes de enviar el pago.

        Warranty and Returns:

        1 - year replacement warranty with original packaging and packing slip sent inside the packaging.

        • Free USPS Shipping to PR & USA✅
        • Tracking Number via USPS✅
        • Fast Delivery - 1-3 Day Delivery (If ordering from Puerto Rico)✅
        • Returns Accepted✅
        • 30 Day Money back Satisfaction Guaranteed✅
        • Online Customer Support ✅
        • Phone: 787-238-3370✅
        • Email:✅
        • 1 Year Replacement Warranty (View Refund policy for full details)✅

        Remember that to be eligible for a return within the probationary period, your item must be in the same condition it was received, unworn, and in its original packaging. You will also need the receipt or proof of purchase which will be sent in your package.

        If the item is defective or unresponsive during the period of use established for each model, you can contact us for a replacement. You should contact us first by messenger, phone (787-238-3370) or email:

        The warranty will not cover any intentional damage.

        We will not cover any return shipping costs unless there is a mistake from our part. Once we receive the item, we will inspect it that same day and notify you immediately that the inspection process has passed. If your item has any physical damage either in the original packaging or in the LED bulbs, we will be discounting the costs of your return.

        If your item does pass inspection, we will refund 100% of your money to the same account that you used to issue your payment. Items returned without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

        You can always contact us for any doubt or question at our phone number 787 238 3370 or by email at

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 6 reviews
            Nicole Lopez
            Alumbran Super bien!

            Sus luces son muy muy buenas! Super complacida en como alumbran. Me llegaron super rápido!

            M. Perez

            Les escribo para dejarles saber que ya me llegaron y sus luces LED son excelentes. De las mejores que e tenido en mi guagua!! Altamente recomendados!

            W. Ortega
            5 Estrellas

            Cambie las luces de mi carro por estas y no me arrepiento para nada. El brillo es excelente! Las luces estan a otro nivel.

            Ivan P.
            Muy buen servicio.

            Ordene las luces a través del website hace unos días y me llegaron bastante rápido y sin problemas. El servicio al cliente es muy bueno y aclararon todas las dudas que tenía antes de ordenar. El proceso de ordenar se me hizo muy fácil y creo que tienen uno de los mejores websites que e visto para este tipo de compra. Los recomiendo full y estaré ordenando nuevamente más adelante. Muchas gracias por todo.

            Waldy N.
            9007 y H11

            Compre ambos pares para mi guagua y le quedaron super bien, estan a muy bien precio y alumbran mejor que las ultimas que habia comprado por Amazon. Las recomiendo.

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